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Avery Dennison NR 50 Window Film

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Avery Dennison
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Optical and Solar Properties

  • Visible Light Transmitted 48%
  • Visible Light Reflected (Exterior) 8%
  • Ultra Violet Block >99%
  • Total Solar Energy Reflected 8%
  • Total Solar Energy Transmitted 56%
  • Total Solar Energy Absorbed 36%
  • Glare Reduction 45%
  • Selective InfraRed Reduction (SIRR) 32%
  • InfraRed Energy Rejection (IRER) 25%
  • Shading Coefficient 0.77
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected 33%
  • Technology UV Stable Dye Metal-Free
  • Color Tone Warm Graphite
  • Construction 2-Ply Weatherable
  • Thickness 1.5 Mil
  • Color Stable Yes
  • Catalogue # R058P7G
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